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Update(2009/2/21): Textmate 只有內建 Ctrl+Shift+A 的 SVN 功能,要支援 Git 請裝 Git Textmate Bundle,按 Ctrl+Shift+G 就可以有快捷功能。
hotkey: ctrl+command+T
mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
git clone git://github.com/jcf/git-tmbundle.git Git.tmbundle

  • In the TextMate preferences, advanced tab, shell variables, set the TM_GIT variable to point to your installation of git (ie /usr/local/bin/git)
  • Many shortcuts are available from the Git-shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-G). Subversion commands are Command-Option-g. Less frequent commands are accessed via the menu.
  • Update your bundle by running the “Update Git Bundle” command.


Update(2009/2/22): 另外推薦一個不是 TextMate 的 Plugin,但是搭配起來非常好用的 Visor,只要使用快捷鍵就可以在螢幕上方下拉出 Terminal 畫面。
** Visior Installation

How to Make Mac OS X’s Terminal Accessible via Hotkey
** Gigo 心得:預設的ctrl+’  我都試不行,所以只好勾選 ctrl, ctrl (重複兩次)即可成功(hotkey)

第一名是 AckMate, ack 是一套專門用來搜尋大型程式碼的工具,效能真是超級好。裝了這個套件之後,內建的 Find in Project 就別再用了吧。

第二名是 TextMate Plug-in: ProjectPlus,可以在顯示 SCM 的檔案狀態(例如有本地異動或有新增檔案等等),支援 SVN, Git, Mercurial, Svk 跟 Bazaar。

第三名是 CJK-Input.tmplugin,讓你可以正常輸入中文。如果有需要正常顯示,就必須換字型為TextMateJ2 (see 解決 Textmate 中文問題)。

跟 Ruby on Rails 相關的有 Ruby on Rails TextMate bundleRuby TextMate bundleRails footnotes(會在例外錯誤畫面放有 Textmate 的連結,點下去就開出來該檔案,十分方便)。

Theme 方面,我自己用的是 Rails Envy Theme

另外就是官方 wiki 上的 Plugins 可以試試看。

—————-Hacker News——

TextMate + Visor + Growl make my coding a lot easier for most Ruby and Python needs – TextMate & visor is a must for anyone who writes code for a living on the Mac!
TextMate Bundles is awesome + get ZenHtml and ZenCSS to make your life even more easier.
Besides, cmd+T on TextMate is reason enough to switch and the fact you can invoke TextMate from terminal.

Eclipse/NetBeans for java. Xcode for iOS.

{Chrome & Firefox} + firebug saves the day for js.

Cyberduck is awesome though SCP does the trick well from terminal.

*I loved QSilver, but google quick search box is just as OK but mainly less CPU hoggin’But QSilver shortcuts are amazing for quick iTunes playback.

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