Smarty (a PHP template engine)

[1] Introduction (ref. official site: )

Smarty is a template engine for PHP. More specifically, it facilitates a manageable way to separate application logic and content from its presentation.

Some of Smarty’s features:
• It is extremely fast.
• It is efficient since the PHP parser does the dirty work.
• No template parsing overhead, only compiles once.
• It is smart about recompiling only the template files that have changed.
• You can easily create your own custom functions and variable modifiers, so the template language is extremely extensible.
• Configurable template {delimiter} tag syntax, so you can use {$foo}, {{$foo}}, <!–{$foo}–>, etc.
• The {if}..{elseif}..{else}..{/if} constructs are passed to the PHP parser, so the {if…} expression syntax can be as simple or as complex an evaluation as you like.
• Allows unlimited nesting of sections, if’s etc.
• It is possible to embed PHP code right in your template files, although this may not be needed (nor recommended) since the engine is so customizable.
• Built-in caching support
• Arbitrary template sources
• Custom cache handling functions
• Plugin architecture

[2] Installation

Smarty tarball has been unpacked to:
/usr/local/lib/Smarty-v.e.r/ for *nix machines
d:\EasyPHP\php\Smarty-v.e.r\ for the windows enviroment.

ps. Add the library path to the php.ini file

; Paths and Directories ;
; *nix: “/path1:/path2”
include_path = “.:/usr/share/php:/usr/local/lib/Smarty-v.e.r/libs/”
; Windows: “\path1;\path2”
include_path = “.;d:\php\includes;d:\EasyPHP\php\Smarty-v.e.r\libs\”

ps. restart httpd

[3] File structure

/www/example/  (http://locahost/example/)

index.tpl (template file)
templates_c/   (make it be writable)
(make it be writable)
index.php  (php file)

ps. Permissions and making directories writable
chown nobody:nobody /web/
chmod 777 /web/
chown nobody:nobody /web/
chmod 777 /web/

ps. chmod 777 runs correctly. (original ref. is 770)

[4] Example



class Smarty_example extends Smarty{
public function __construct(){


$this->caching = true;



<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ‘-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN’>
<meta http-equiv=’content-type’ content=’text/html; charset=UTF-8′>

<p>Output by <a href=’’>Smarty</a></p>


$smarty = new Smarty_example();


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